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We had a party for my baby’s 1st birthday today and it was a long day.  Since we’ve been hard saving these past few weeks but still had budgeted funds for this occasion, I’m proud for my husband and I that we’d managed the day without any embarrassment.  I helped for the food preparation with our cousin, as the official cook.  I did most of the shopping and organizing.  I’m also glad that my husband did his share by doing the chicken barbecues and ensuring the availability of the finger foods.

It was not much of a fancy party but relatives and close friends came and had fun eating and chatting.  We are grateful that they celebrated this special day with us.  Pictures were taken with mostly have my baby frowning on it.  I think she’s confused with all the fuzz and the people.  I managed to carry her on my hip most of the day while entertaining the guests.  I just want this day to be memorable to us as family.  This moment, this party, may just be an ordinary one for most people but someday, I know it would be a big part of my daughter’s past.  She will have signs of us celebrating this special day of her life and special moment of our parents’ lives.  I could look at the photos someday and reminisce this first birthday of my first daughter.  How we truly made the effort to make this day especial to us.

One of the many lessons I’ve learned from past experiences, is to celebrate every occasion like birthdays, family holidays, special events, even just with little food or gifts or plain dating out.  This event how little it maybe will be remembered and appreciated as part of caring for the person and keeping the good relationship towards each other.

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