Gillian’s 4th bday!



I love You Always bby Gillian!

Gillian’s First Group Dance in Public


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The act!
(I think the partner fell asleep sitting, hahaha!)
It may not be perfect but she’s the best for her mama!
It’s the best view that I could get. Sorry for the video quality. Doing my best to save for a nice camera to capture her moments better.

(Sponsors are welcome actually, hehe 🙂 )

It’s full moon tonight! Do you have a wish?


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It is said that wherever we are, we’re sharing the same moon. Look up, you might see my other side of the moon too!

And it’s full moon tonight.  I looked up and saw this view in the sky. What a beautiful sight!

I’m always been a dreamer and tonight this part of me is even stronger.  I always believe in dreams and I like wishing on a star or upon a rainbow and oH on a full moon too! It may sound illogical to some but don’t get me wrong, it’s just that somehow I believe that wishing while looking up there at something increases the chances to having a dream come true.

Yes, I pray and I do it a lot but I also take the chance of wishing upon a falling star or on a full moon (while you can hardly find one these days with all the tall houses and buildings) if I get the opportunity to.

My childhood days are full of dreams and wishes. Some came true, some didn’t. The truth is I don’t totally rely it all on a falling star.  But I still do it, (the wishing) because, it’s comforting and in some way it helps when you verbalize your dream, stare at something magnificent like a full moon, and let Him know of what truly your heart desires. (If He can create something that wondrous, He can grant one’s wishes too, even at that very moment, in an instant!)

Truly, what I believe in – is wishing, then planning and rolling my sleeve up to get that dream come true. And funny that I pretty accomplished most of the things I desired this way.

Wishing upon a star or on a full moon probably may not make one’s dream come true but you can still wish! I take the chance anyway, who knows it may be a sign that my wish will be granted. Who knows?!