Gillian @ 2 years and 5 months old!


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gillian @ 2 months

Gillian is 2 years and 5 months old now.  Anyone could clearly see where she got most of her looks. She’s got her papa’s beautiful eyes.  And I think the smiles too. How I love staring at the same features of faces. Everywhere I look there’s that face! 🙂

 I love looking at those pair of eyes! The same eyes I’ve gotten so in love with.

They say she’s got her daddy’s eyes.
She hides’em well behind her momma’s smile.
They say she knows she’s beautiful….

I’m hoping too well that she’ll get her papa’s charm too!


Those Priceless Moments with Her


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Having a flexible job enables me to spend priceless time with her. It may not buy us all the best material things in the world but it sure buys me more time to enjoy the most and the best moments of life with her. I just love watching her grow and learn everyday and being there every step of the way. Loving the simple life and enjoying family life! 🙂

Lovely Gillian


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lovely daughter

Today my baby girl just turned 2 years and 2 months old.  She’s getting bigger and bigger each day.  Sometimes she’s so lovely then the next she’s throwing tantrums. At times, she cries all out if she doesn’t get her way. Also, there are times when she is too difficult to console. It may be frustrating and irritating when she does this but along the way I have learned to understand her more.  I learned that when she’s upset she may cry but she can also be easily distracted.  When she wants something that can’t be and cried, I just make her laugh and most of the time it stops her crying. I encourage her more to say her feelings rather than express it through crying.

By encouraging her to talk and acknowledging her feelings, I noticed that now she understands more why there are things that can’t be done and said.  We still may be having some struggles but at least she knows how to obey some rules now.

My baby, at her age, really loves singing, when she hears any music on the radio or on TV that’s familiar to her; she’ll sing-a-long with it.  She likes dancing too, perhaps had learnt some moves from her mom. LoL Yes, I love dancing to the music though my moves are offbeat. 🙂

Baby girl and I are learning together everyday. Her to be a good girl and I to be a responsible mom. Though we have some challenges, I love every moment of the time that I am spending with her.

Here’s a cheer to my lovely daughter!

Let’s All Celebrate The New Year!

happy new year 2013

I am always excited during Holiday season, most especially about the New Year. There is just something on it that I feel so enthusiastic and hopeful about. Perhaps because another year would start and the old year be gone. I have a lot of things to be thankful during this year.

My family has received so many blessings this year and also had experienced a handful of tribulations. Hubby had lost his job, we moved to another city, built a new small house, met new friends and relatives, and switched jobs again. It’s all like a trial and error in every step we took. It had no guarantee if any would work out fine. But it did, we had overcome the problems and tests of life together, as family. I’m glad that our decisions worked out okay (nothing in this world is perfect anyway).

I am indeed grateful for everything that had happened this year. Our daughter is two years old now. She is the most precious blessing we’ve ever received. All those decisions were made with careful considerations of her welfare. She is healthier in the new place and more cheerful too with her new little friends and our families.

Hmmm, the smell of fresh hope, more blessings and more fulfilled dreams are in the air. And I really like smelling it.

Two more days to go and I’ll officially survive the year 2012. Yay!

Let’s All Celebrate The New Year!

Gillian’s 2nd Birthday!


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On December 7th was my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  The family celebrated it on December 9th because it was Sunday.  No work, no school and everybody is available.  It was a special day especially for us (hubby and I).  It was fun, exciting and tiring at the same time.  Hubby and I did the shopping and mom helped in preparing the food.  I am thankful for relatives and friends who came to celebrate. I am also grateful to our families across other cities and abroad which in one way or another have extended their blessings and greetings.

I was overwhelmed because last year Gillian was so young and now she’s impossibly two and had gotten so big. She was so amazing this entire year.  She had learned a lot of things and made us also realized and learned so much about responsibilities. We made small and big decisions which greatly consider her welfare.  We moved to a new place, built a home, switched jobs and started a fresh life.  I am so proud of her for being simply amiable and I can’t ever imagine being apart from her for even a moment anymore.

We did a small party where neighbors and families enjoy the party foods and the chats.  I believe that Gillian was aware that it’s her party but she was awed by different and new faces.  I just realized when I looked at the pictures that she hasn’t really smiled on any of it.  But I knew she really enjoyed all the colorful balloons and had loved playing with other little kids.

Surely, will be counting and cherishing the days and months ’till her next birthday! 🙂

We love you baby Gillian! ♥ ❤ ♥

Home is Where the ❤ is!


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Finally, we have our own place and I’m taking photos of every corner of the house with our silly poses! 🙂

You know what we are really proud of? We are not renting anymore nor living in with our parents.  This home though tiny is our very own.  We built it with our own sweat and funds.  With some help from my family and a couple of contractors, we were able to build it in three weeks, in time to move in our stuff. Hubby and I did most of the painting work. I picked out the colors; I especially like the room to be bright and lively. It’s like a one bedroom apartment with living room, a relatively small space. Yes, it’s not much but it’s comfortable and we call it “our home”.

It always feels good to hold on to HOPE, even just for a tiny possibility. 🙂


Gillian’s First Hair Cut


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Gillian got her first haircut and with bangs.  She has fine thin hair that’s getting longer and I thought it needed a cut, so that next time, it would grow a little thicker.  I think she looks older with bangs, wouldn’t you agree?  My baby seems a lady now. Hahaha   She’s turning 2 years old in three months.  How time seems to fly by so fast. I’ve been hugging and kissing her a lot lately, tripling it actually, telling her how cute she is and that I’ll always love her.  I know that someday when she’s big enough, she won’t let me kiss and hug her the way we do it today.  There are times though that she wants to get her own way and throws tantrums if she can’t.  At times, I don’t know how to handle her temper.  She may want something but both of us can’t figure out what it is.  I’m encouraging her to say it in words now that she knows a few phrases.

She’s in fact good in words now.  I think it’d helped all those educational videos for children which I brought home, it includes learning letters and numbers and nursery rhymes.  I had downloaded several more from the internet too.  As a child I also love nursery rhymes, even today. I love singing the songs with her.  Hahaha She’s quite good at following the songs and has learned how to mimic the animal sounds too.  When I count from one to ten, she will count with me, even getting ahead of the counting. If I say one, she’ll count two, then I state 3, she’ll count 4.  It’s a great feeling to know that your child is learning something new every time.  It’s like an assurance that she’s growing up, that she’s grasping the things around her and that someday she’ll be best at something.

I’m counting the days ‘til her next birthday and the next and the next.  I should not forget to cherish every moment that she’s still a child. These days – that she is still allowing me to carry her, hug and kiss her in public.

I love you baby Gillian.” – Mama

A Fresh Start – A Potential To Be Something Great!


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Things have been busy and a bit heavy lately. My husband and I decided to move to my hometown and try out a new beginning. This decision is thoroughly thought through. The company where hubby work for almost 3 years had to renew a contract with clients which made him stayed at home for almost a month – a substantial time to make us realized where we’re heading and weighed things over. We laid out our options on staying at the same place while expecting the uncertainty or starting at a new one to where we can get generous family support. Of course, we have some doubts about this but after having our own space at home (minus the rent) and getting him another source of income, we think this is a good step though it also comes with some tribulations. Luckily, I can move my job with me as long as the internet is on.

Gillian is amazing in coping up with the new environment and people. Hubby has met the family and really pretty good in establishing connection with them. He said he especially like the weather, it’s not too hot unlike in our old place.

I’m back with my hometown which I missed so much. Hubby has a new work in a new place. Gillian is healthier with the new environment. There is really nothing quite like a fresh start. It’s like waking up in the morning from a horrible night, where hope comes with the rising of the sun.

1 Year and 5 Months and Counting…


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I’ve been very busy being a mom and a wife these past few months that’s why I haven’t done any writing here.  Few months and summer have passed since my last blog in February.

Anyway,  now I’m back and would like to say that Gillian is 1 year and 5 months now.  She knows how to walk already and starting to master brushing her teeth or biting the brush :-).  She’s had several bumps and falls here and there for being an active child she is.

I admit, I have to be fast and quick too so as to prevent any major child injury.  I think it does happen no matter how careful and watchful the parents are, a child would still tip over or fall somehow at somewhere.  All I can do is to double the guard.

My daughter is learning new things everyday, (as she grows up) and surprisingly, I’m also learning a lot of things from her, from the experiences, on how to be a mom – a good mom.

I say to cherish these days that my baby is still a child because when she really is a grownup, I will surely miss these “busy-mom days.”