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lovely daughter

Today my baby girl just turned 2 years and 2 months old.  She’s getting bigger and bigger each day.  Sometimes she’s so lovely then the next she’s throwing tantrums. At times, she cries all out if she doesn’t get her way. Also, there are times when she is too difficult to console. It may be frustrating and irritating when she does this but along the way I have learned to understand her more.  I learned that when she’s upset she may cry but she can also be easily distracted.  When she wants something that can’t be and cried, I just make her laugh and most of the time it stops her crying. I encourage her more to say her feelings rather than express it through crying.

By encouraging her to talk and acknowledging her feelings, I noticed that now she understands more why there are things that can’t be done and said.  We still may be having some struggles but at least she knows how to obey some rules now.

My baby, at her age, really loves singing, when she hears any music on the radio or on TV that’s familiar to her; she’ll sing-a-long with it.  She likes dancing too, perhaps had learnt some moves from her mom. LoL Yes, I love dancing to the music though my moves are offbeat. 🙂

Baby girl and I are learning together everyday. Her to be a good girl and I to be a responsible mom. Though we have some challenges, I love every moment of the time that I am spending with her.

Here’s a cheer to my lovely daughter!