happy new year 2013

I am always excited during Holiday season, most especially about the New Year. There is just something on it that I feel so enthusiastic and hopeful about. Perhaps because another year would start and the old year be gone. I have a lot of things to be thankful during this year.

My family has received so many blessings this year and also had experienced a handful of tribulations. Hubby had lost his job, we moved to another city, built a new small house, met new friends and relatives, and switched jobs again. It’s all like a trial and error in every step we took. It had no guarantee if any would work out fine. But it did, we had overcome the problems and tests of life together, as family. I’m glad that our decisions worked out okay (nothing in this world is perfect anyway).

I am indeed grateful for everything that had happened this year. Our daughter is two years old now. She is the most precious blessing we’ve ever received. All those decisions were made with careful considerations of her welfare. She is healthier in the new place and more cheerful too with her new little friends and our families.

Hmmm, the smell of fresh hope, more blessings and more fulfilled dreams are in the air. And I really like smelling it.

Two more days to go and I’ll officially survive the year 2012. Yay!

Let’s All Celebrate The New Year!