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On December 7th was my daughter’s 2nd birthday.  The family celebrated it on December 9th because it was Sunday.  No work, no school and everybody is available.  It was a special day especially for us (hubby and I).  It was fun, exciting and tiring at the same time.  Hubby and I did the shopping and mom helped in preparing the food.  I am thankful for relatives and friends who came to celebrate. I am also grateful to our families across other cities and abroad which in one way or another have extended their blessings and greetings.

I was overwhelmed because last year Gillian was so young and now she’s impossibly two and had gotten so big. She was so amazing this entire year.  She had learned a lot of things and made us also realized and learned so much about responsibilities. We made small and big decisions which greatly consider her welfare.  We moved to a new place, built a home, switched jobs and started a fresh life.  I am so proud of her for being simply amiable and I can’t ever imagine being apart from her for even a moment anymore.

We did a small party where neighbors and families enjoy the party foods and the chats.  I believe that Gillian was aware that it’s her party but she was awed by different and new faces.  I just realized when I looked at the pictures that she hasn’t really smiled on any of it.  But I knew she really enjoyed all the colorful balloons and had loved playing with other little kids.

Surely, will be counting and cherishing the days and months ’till her next birthday! 🙂

We love you baby Gillian! ♥ ❤ ♥