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Gillian got her first haircut and with bangs.  She has fine thin hair that’s getting longer and I thought it needed a cut, so that next time, it would grow a little thicker.  I think she looks older with bangs, wouldn’t you agree?  My baby seems a lady now. Hahaha   She’s turning 2 years old in three months.  How time seems to fly by so fast. I’ve been hugging and kissing her a lot lately, tripling it actually, telling her how cute she is and that I’ll always love her.  I know that someday when she’s big enough, she won’t let me kiss and hug her the way we do it today.  There are times though that she wants to get her own way and throws tantrums if she can’t.  At times, I don’t know how to handle her temper.  She may want something but both of us can’t figure out what it is.  I’m encouraging her to say it in words now that she knows a few phrases.

She’s in fact good in words now.  I think it’d helped all those educational videos for children which I brought home, it includes learning letters and numbers and nursery rhymes.  I had downloaded several more from the internet too.  As a child I also love nursery rhymes, even today. I love singing the songs with her.  Hahaha She’s quite good at following the songs and has learned how to mimic the animal sounds too.  When I count from one to ten, she will count with me, even getting ahead of the counting. If I say one, she’ll count two, then I state 3, she’ll count 4.  It’s a great feeling to know that your child is learning something new every time.  It’s like an assurance that she’s growing up, that she’s grasping the things around her and that someday she’ll be best at something.

I’m counting the days ‘til her next birthday and the next and the next.  I should not forget to cherish every moment that she’s still a child. These days – that she is still allowing me to carry her, hug and kiss her in public.

I love you baby Gillian.” – Mama