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Things have been busy and a bit heavy lately. My husband and I decided to move to my hometown and try out a new beginning. This decision is thoroughly thought through. The company where hubby work for almost 3 years had to renew a contract with clients which made him stayed at home for almost a month – a substantial time to make us realized where we’re heading and weighed things over. We laid out our options on staying at the same place while expecting the uncertainty or starting at a new one to where we can get generous family support. Of course, we have some doubts about this but after having our own space at home (minus the rent) and getting him another source of income, we think this is a good step though it also comes with some tribulations. Luckily, I can move my job with me as long as the internet is on.

Gillian is amazing in coping up with the new environment and people. Hubby has met the family and really pretty good in establishing connection with them. He said he especially like the weather, it’s not too hot unlike in our old place.

I’m back with my hometown which I missed so much. Hubby has a new work in a new place. Gillian is healthier with the new environment. There is really nothing quite like a fresh start. It’s like waking up in the morning from a horrible night, where hope comes with the rising of the sun.