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I’ve been very busy being a mom and a wife these past few months that’s why I haven’t done any writing here.  Few months and summer have passed since my last blog in February.

Anyway,  now I’m back and would like to say that Gillian is 1 year and 5 months now.  She knows how to walk already and starting to master brushing her teeth or biting the brush :-).  She’s had several bumps and falls here and there for being an active child she is.

I admit, I have to be fast and quick too so as to prevent any major child injury.  I think it does happen no matter how careful and watchful the parents are, a child would still tip over or fall somehow at somewhere.  All I can do is to double the guard.

My daughter is learning new things everyday, (as she grows up) and surprisingly, I’m also learning a lot of things from her, from the experiences, on how to be a mom – a good mom.

I say to cherish these days that my baby is still a child because when she really is a grownup, I will surely miss these “busy-mom days.”