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I think every time I blink, my little girl is also becoming a big girl. Gillian is one year and two months now. She has eight teeth already and keeps on biting anything she can reach. She’s also trying to rise up and walk on her own now but we’re still guiding her with it. She’s not that very good in her balance yet and had several fall already from trying to stand up by herself.

One time I happened to put my make-up purse beside her while I’m making the bed and when I checked back, her mouth was full of red and already chewing a part of the lipstick. She may have seen the way I put the lipstick on and had tried putting it on her lips but I guess eventually had bitten it. I kind of got angry and laughed at the same time. Got angry because my favorite lipstick was ruined and had to wash her again but also chuckled because my little girl knows how to do things easily, on her own by just observing.

She now insists on having her own plate and spoon during meal time. She can’t just watch and let you spoon feed her but reaches out the spoon and put it on her mouth. One time, I let her too close to my plate and she’d spread the food all over the floor. Now I give her her own spoon and plate with little food on it just to pacify her and to train her on how to use them.

Every time she sees me drink from a cup, she would wail to have a taste of what I’m drinking too. She prefers to drink from the glass now and later puts her hands in it; Feeling the water inside the glass and whisking it everywhere.

She’s a noisy baby too. Her favorite moment is during church services, she says any words her mouth can babble. She sometimes literally shouts very loudly that church goers look at us and somewhat letting me know that I have to do something to stop that little baby. But she can’t be stopped I swear; when you tell her to hush, she does the opposite, make her voice even louder. And all I can do is smile. 🙂