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Drop and pick is Gillian’s favorite game now.  Every time she’s bored of playing a particular toy after a moment, she would drop it, then wait for me to pick and give the toy back to her.  After I’ve done that, she would drop the thing again, then look at me, observing if I would pick the item again.  Surely, I would give it back to her.  That is, until I would notice that she’s doing the same thing for a while and seemed to enjoy the activity.  At times, tired of picking up several times, I would decide to stop, and that would begin her frustrating wail.

She’s a lot of work now.  Every time she doesn’t want a certain act or thing anymore she would eventually cry.  You really need to do variety of things to keep her entertained.  She’s now eating and drinking like an adult too.  I could be exaggerating but she can eat whatever I’m eating, at least most of it.  Cooked rice, bread, fries, smashed squash, potato chips, ice cream and all sort of juices.  I know some of them are not yet good for her but she would protest if she can’t take a piece of what we’re eating.  So I’m giving her at least bits of every food we consume.  I guess, in some way this is good, so she will not become picky with her taste.

She’s turning 11 months in 7 days and in another month, she’ll be one year old already.  I hope we can have a party for her when the day comes.  I’m a home bound mom with a home-based job now.  So, I think I need to work double-time for the extra funds.  I hope that the employer I found would be for long term and would continue to be a blessing.  I’m grateful for where the things are going at the present.  I believe I can be at my best on this career shift.  Not only because, I already have the stored experiences and skills, but most of all, my family is my inspiration. Plus the essential things too, I’m always open to challenges and to learning new things.  So, let’s get it on!

Let’s “drop and pick” now Gillian, before work starts!