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This video has flashed back a lot of memories.

From the moment I’ve set my eyes on Smallville, I haven’t stopped wishing to have my own Superman since then.  I remembered waking up all night just to watch Clark Kent on those episodes endlessly.   I still even got all the set of CD’s I collected years ago for my own token of obsession for the movie.  I also recalled cutting my own picture and pasting it besides Clark onto one of his photos captured from Smallville.  I had all sort of Tom Welling’s pictures pasted all over in my room too.  I also even compiled some records of his autobiography.  Oh yeah, I’m a certified fanatic Smallville buff.  I so wanted to be Lana, and later to become Lois.  I always wondered back then, when my Superman would ever find me.

The season finale has ended a few months ago and I thought too that I would never ever find my real Clark.

However, he came as swiftly as any super human could be.  It’s when I haven’t expected it the most.  Later, I realized that he came at the right time.  It’s when I really needed saving.  I wasn’t doing very well with managing my single life back then. My Superman did find me afterall.  Until now,  I can’t be thankful enough that I have him.  He’s a loving and wonderful person in his own way.  I think, I love him more than Clark now. 🙂 Of course I really do, that’s why I married him. 🙂

I’m grateful that I have my very own superman now and he’s adorable too. 🙂