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Gillian is 292 days old today and she loves to eat now.  She’s eating mostly everything that I prepare for her.  Apart from the baby cereals, I also cook milled rice and mix it with different vegetables.  At times, I mix it with cooked squash or potato.  Her favorite is when I blend it with beaten eggs.  She also likes eating banana for dessert.  Yes, she’s doing pretty well in using her two teeth.

She’s making baby talks and fond of yelling these days.  I think Gillian has a soprano voice because when she yells, it is remarkably high-pitched.  When I try to sleep in the morning, I can hear her shrill voice that only her knows what the words are meant.  You know, it’s still hard to figure out all the words that she’s trying to make.  Sometimes she may seem to say “De, de, de”, when she doesn’t want anything anymore.  This may mean “hindi, dili, or no”. This often happens when you try to feed her with milk on a baby bottle, she would shake her head and say “de, de, de”.  It is our cue that she doesn’t like it.  Gillian prefers solid foods now than her milk.  This is a good thing, I guess.  It means that she’s growing.

One thing that she likes doing nowadays is our book-reading sessions.  When I read to her I must continuously say the words or else she would scream if we will stop it.  She likes me to continue reading to her and not stop, not until she gets bored anyway.  Honestly, we can finish four books in one reading session.  Whew!

I am constantly enjoying being a mom.  Especially, being a mother of Gillian.  Gillian and I are learning together each day.  I – learning to be a more patient and responsible mom, and her – learning anything what she can and is able to grasp at her age.

I wonder when I can hear from her the perfect word for “mama”. It may be one of the best feelings in the world. 🙂