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I know what is important to me now.  I must remember not to settle this time.  I may not have what I want but I KNOW now what it is and I will go for it.
These past few weeks may be a blessing in disguise.  Our company is restructuring and most of the employees are on floating status.  We are sent on force leaves.  I am one of the employees who are on temporary FL.  This may seem unfortunate but I’m honestly glad that I had been able to view it as an opportunity to redefine my career.  I have been planning to try working at home, primarily because I want to spend more time with my daughter; however, I was not able to pursue it due to my shifting work schedule.  Most of the time, I work on night shifts and during my free time and rest days, I rather prefer to spend it with my daughter or sleep most of the day off.   But these past few weeks, I have finally decided to go for it.  I had been reading and researching about home-based jobs and luckily, I also have friends who already had started their career at home while raising their families. Since there was nothing much to do anymore, I went ahead and got an e-card from the bank which I can use in fund-transaction online.  I also went to one of the local internet service providers (ISP) and signed up for a phone and DSL line bundle.  Unfortunately, it got me a couple of weeks of visiting and prodding, for them to finally install the lines.  My computer has an internet connection now and almost all is set to start this home-based job.  My plan is to start as a part-time worker, if all goes well then I may have to quit my regular job.  I’m crossing my fingers that it won’t take long for me to find jobs and get hired online.  Afterall, I’m doing this not only because I want to have a better stress-free career but mostly because I want to be a full-time-hands-on mom.

Goodluck to me! 🙂