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I am grateful as a person because:

I have an adorable daughter.
I have a lovely husband.
I still have my parents.
I have two brothers.
I have a lot of relatives and
I have gained a bunch more from my husband’s part of the family.
I have good friends.
I have food on the table.
I am healthy.
I can sing nursery rhymes.
I can dance though I have two-left feet.
I can walk and run.
I sleep peacefully.
I laugh hard.
I do funny faces.
I tell corny jokes.

There are a lot of things to be thankful about.  I guess there is no room for regrets and despair with all of these in my life.  Counting my blessings whenever I’m down and tired is sure an effective way of getting to my feet again.  The fact is, those little things and the people in our lives are the ones that matter most.  They are the very reason why we continue to achieve the things we dream of.  So, dream on and be grateful!