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Gillian has her first tooth!  She’s eight months now.  This explains why she’s always sucking her thumb and biting whatever she can put into her mouth.  I remember once when I carried her that she suddenly bit my shoulder and when I tried to pull my sleeve off, her mouth still won’t let go.  It was a real funny sight.  There were times when she can’t be satisfied by the taste of her fingers and prefer to suck her toes. Of course, I’m not a fan of it but she seems to find chances to sneak on me just to do this.

Gillian is also starting to have preferences.  When she sees me or her papa, she would extend her hands (with raising feet apart too), gesturing that she wants to be carried.  If we ignore her, she would whimper, stomp her tiny butt and feet ‘til you go back and hold her.  On the other hand, when she sees an unfamiliar face approaching her, she would curl her lips and eventually would cry with an utmost pleading wail.  It’s astonishing how a little being like that can produce an enormous loud sound!

Gillian is also reaching anything that captures her interest.  If she can’t do it by her tiny hands, she will reach it by her feet.  Yes, she knew very well how to use those little body parts creatively.  Once, I had given her a tiny brochure about baby diapers which was included on the pack of diapers given by her aunts abroad.  She was amused by the colorful pictures on it and won’t let go until she had torn it to pieces.  That was her first paper-tearing moment.  I’m so touched how Gillian was overwhelmed and so absorbed in doing it.

She also had developed a love for music.  Her favorite part is when we listen together to the ringtones on my cell phone.  She wants it played in the same sequence everytime.  Recently, she wants to hold the phone herself and would wave it to the air as the music plays.  She even shows a sign of dancing when she waves her hands in rhythm with the music.  If she’s on this state, you can’t just grab the phone back as sure you will receive her protest cry.

These are only few of the wondrous things that Gillian can do now, (with that one tooth. :-))   Those amazing things that can bring enormous unexplainable pleasure and joy to us who love her.

I’m looking forward and can’t wait to see her next baby trick!