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Working in the call center can be very stressing at times, especially if you’re on the night shift.  You have to fight closing your eyes to sleep and to keep from looking at the clock every now and then.  Most of all, you have to keep a straight head when talking to the customer, for the entire eight hours of your shift.  As a mom of seven months old baby, it’s even harder. It’s impossible to get a full six or eight hours of undisturbed sleep, especially when you are trying to do this during the day.  Add the fact that Gillian needs care and attention a lot.  Although we have my mom to help out in taking care of Gillian, there are still times that she would need a warm cuddle from her own mother.  She would cry for no apparent reason until I hold her and amuse her with a soothing hush of “I love you” or with my childish singing voice.  Thanks for all those nursery rhyme songs I’ve learned from childhood, they really came in handy.  This situation may sound enduring but this is not always the case.  The joy of being a mom makes up for all the sleepless and stressful days.  I could trade a couple of hours of rest for my daughter’s first smile, first word, first book-reading and all the first’s, second’s, third’s and onward actions of her life.  I may get off from work tired and sleepy but thinking of going home to Gillian is my shot of caffeine.  I’m always looking forward to go home to a little funny smile, to a baby mumble which is almost a word for “mama” or to a crying child which can simply be pacified by my hug and voice.  It is truly an unsurpassed gift to be a mother.

Gillian came to me as a blessing and I’m too grateful that she has a loving father as well.  I may not be there in every events of her life but I will make sure to love, support and guide her all the way always, now and beyond.

“I love you, Gillian.”